Why would importers choose to work with eezyimport?

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For decades the process of importing merchandise into the U.S. has been somewhat of a mission of plodding one’s way through a mire of paperwork and paying every step of the way. A task that perhaps even made some reconsider pursuing an import business at all. That was until eezyimport entered the picture. Many importers are choosing to work with the company that introduced the first-ever online DIY solution in the field of customs clearance for SME U.S. importers.

The need

E-commerce businesses of all types often declare that the most puzzling, costly, and exasperating part of their journey is importing. Their frustrations range from not knowing who to trust to circumnavigating complex terminology, fees, and rules. Importing can feel overwhelming to even more experienced entrepreneurs, let alone those trying to enter the import business.

The way of doing business worldwide and across all industries has been shifting online to digital and paperless transactions. This change has been inevitable as online service providers offer increasingly advanced technological solutions to streamline systems, speed up lengthy processes, and simplify others. As businesses face more and more competition, especially with so many players turning to e-commerce as they deal with the impact of the Covid-19 and see bottom-lines plummeting, all are looking for ways to save time and money to survive. Importers are no different, yet few digital solutions could help them.

The solution

eezyimport came up with the solution by introducing new software that solves decades of importing and customs challenges. How? Combining their daily passion for innovative technology and creative problem solving with four decades of market leadership helps small businesses navigate the complex and costly world of importing.

In the final quarter of 2019, eezyimport launched as a software solution to end the problems associated with importing and customs for businesses of all sizes. As a SAAS solution, eezyimport enables online DIY filings for U.S. importers, removing unnecessary third-party involvement, and simplifying the import process…all while reducing associated expenses for the end-user.

Qualified American importers can be assigned with a filer code by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), making them completely independent. For such importers, eezyimport is the only SAAS solution available. For those who don’t meet the CBP’s requirements, eezyimport creates a designated custom Broker Module to provide smaller importers with an alternative customs broker that reviews, confirms, and eventually files their Entry Summaries. All while giving them complete control and full transparency of the process.

Key takeaway

With the eezyimport platform, the importer can register with the CBP, file an ISF (10+2), request filer code with the CBP, and file entry summary for a complete clearance process anytime, anywhere, based on a mobile-first web platform. The clearance process is easy, self-explanatory, cost-effective, and works under the CBP regulations.

At the time of launch, Asaf Fridenson, eezyimport founder and CEO, explained that “by simplifying the import process, we enable our customers to file their Importer Security Filing (10+2) and Entry Summary (7501) directly with the CBP. The natural flow of eezyimport glides the customer with a step by step filing process, and the online dashboard that provides an up-to-date view of the filing status.”

eezyimport is ushering in a new generation of import solutions. The company is focused mainly on U.S.-based importers and is thriving by supporting its users with an ecosystem that fully simplifies their import process. Given that eezyimport also reduces costs for importers, they are well on track to become the supply chain solution for SMB importers worldwide!


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eezyimport is an online platform and is not a licensed customs broker. However, we work closely with a third-party licensed customs broker who can assist with any entry-related issues.

eezyimport is an online platform and is not a licensed customs broker. However, we work closely with a third-party licensed customs broker who can assist with any entry-related issues.

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