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In all aspects of our lives, we are removing the middle man from the simple process that just recently was captured as complicated and frightening. We book flights and hotels without travel agents, we buy insurance online and even do our taxes by ourselves.
The question arises, can import be as easy as booking a flight? Well, it must be easier than doing our taxes…
If so, why didn’t we handle our own customs clearance until now?
The answer to this question is simple; The customs clearance process of filing ISF and entries were complicated and kept for experienced people.
eezyimport platform changes this equation!
For the first time, you can take control of your customs clearance process and save money and time on every shipment.

The platform that changed the rules of the game

eezyimport, a unique startup company, changed the rules of the game!
The company launched a DIY customs clearance revolutionary platform that places the importer in the driver’s seat; You can complete the whole customs clearance process by yourself online, but you can also start with the eezy way and save money and time on every shipment easily. Split your customs clearance and begin by filing ISF (Importer Security Filing) by yourself online for ONLY $10 and save up to 90% of filing costs compared to a filing with a customs broker.
The ISF, also known as ISF (10+2) or just 10+2, is a filing requirement of the CBP, which is an integral part of the US customs clearance process, mandated for ocean cargo imports only.
Filing the ISF is the responsibility of the importer, and the information must be transmitted to the CBP at least 24 hours before the vessel carrying the goods departs to the USA.
The eezyimport DIY online ISF filing process works under CBP regulations and meets the needs of both experienced importers and importers without the customs clearance process knowledge, providing a complete and effective solution for ISF filing.
The eezy ISF filing process does not require prior experience, and it’s a self-explanatory & straightforward process

The benefits of online ISF filing

Transparency– direct process, with eezyimport and CBP notifications throughout the process, giving you peace of mind and full transparency.

Cost-effective– With savings up to 90% of the tariffs that brokers charge on ISF filing, and with no hidden or additional costs, this section needs no further details.

Simple– the eezyflow™ developed with a vision of simplifying and improving customs clearance processes and accessibility to all importers.

Anytime, Anywhere– Using the mobile-first method, Allows for the first time to remove the “office barrier” and allow for customs clearance anywhere using any mobile device, tablet or reload at any time, whether on the flight, on vacation or the road as well as in the office.

Security – smart login and high-security standards are protecting your information throughout the process.

So how can I file an ISF online and save money on every shipment?

Well, it’s eezy! Go to, and you are ready to file.
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