Our mission is simple: to empower small importers with innovative solutions by removing their obstacles to growth and leaving more cash in their pocket.

We have combined our daily passion for innovative technology and creative problem solving with four decades of market leadership in helping small businesses to navigate the complex and costly world of importing. So whether you are passionate about the special goods or culture you are bringing to your local market, or live on Amazon, we are here to simplify your processes and accelerate your success.

We make handling your own imports as easy as sending your own email.

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Customer Service Reviews of eezyimport

Amazing Service, Highly Recommended!

great company, great customer services! Has saved me more than a few thousand dollars in useless broker fees. Highly recommended!

Mathew B

Always eezyimport is excellent

Always eezyimport is excellent. I trust it and use it again and again. Being a beginner in trade it helped me all through the import journey.


Easy & affordable.

Easy & affordable. I thought you needed to be pro to do this type of thing.


Worth it!

Straightforward user interface and good customer service. Definitely using again for future shipments.


Simply put great experience

Simply put great experience, this was my first time going through the process and you made it easy.


Really easy DIY

Intuitive, user-friendly, actually works!

Wei Sun

First timer

First timer. Excellent service. NO PROBLEMS


I had someone help with each detail of…

I had someone help with each detail of my ISF. They even helped me read and understand the documents and told me where exactly things were to be written. I definitely will be a customer again. Thanks again I am glad there is a company to help with the details and giving clear direction.



Excellent fast prompt well-speaking customer service, any questions either on the phone or live chat they were there in seconds to help. HIGHLY RECOMMEND


Very helpful and professional

Very helpful and professional, prompt at answering questions day or night. Worked with myself and my shipper very helpful.


This is the first time I have ever…

This is the first time I have ever imported something this big, so EezyImport helped me to file all necessary forms. Very helpful!


Excellent service

It's my first time importing and had a lot of questions. They helped me a lot. Customer service is great. I highly recommend them.


Great so far

Once you figure out the address system in China, it's smooth sailing! I would say so far, this has been pretty EEzy.. As long as customs doesn't pop up with some surprise, I'll be a happy camper! Thank you!


Import newbie

It took me a while to learn some of the lingo, but the chat feature is very helpful and all of my questions were answered in a timely and friendly manner. I'm on my 4th import shipment now and it's certainly gotten easier. Some of the new features between my 3rd and 4th import rounds made inputting the fourth even easier!

Misty J.

My first experience went super smooth


My first experience went super smooth. Thank you for this service.


Great platform.

Easy to use and effective. I had some issues with the filing being accepted by the CBC platform, but this was a data issue that the team was swift to assist me with. Will use them again.


Amazing and easy

No hassle and they guide you through step by step, pricing on the continuous bond is better than all the rest so even if you're scared to fill in your own CBP paperwork get the bond as you need it to file the ISF and later the entry. Once you see how easy that part was you will feel confident and don't have to worry about depending on anyone else to get your imports processed in a timely fashion!!


Great Experience

Reached out to eezyimport regarding a shipment that had already arrived in the US, and which was not perfectly declared from the origin party, and stuck in customs without proper clearance. They cleared the shipment in less than 48 hours and were extremely responsive along the way. Really fantastic first experience with their service.


Helpful and easy

This app is very helpful and easy to use. This is my first-time use but we manage to release the shipment without a problem in entry and ISF I will continue using this app, it is very cost-effective on our part and very efficient to use


It was an easy and hassle-free experience. Very cost-effective.

I have my first ISF and custom entry done and my experience has been very satisfactory. I give 5 stars for the smooth and efficient transaction. Have patience and learn the first time, gets easier next time.