How has the logistics sector changed during the COVID-19 pandemic? What does that mean for 2022?


To put it mildly, the COVID-19 pandemic had an unprecedented effect companies focus on specific workflows on the supply chain industry. To put it less mildly, the container and capacity shortages and skyrocketing shipping prices of 2021 have been a fiasco.

The chaos

Part of the fault for this madness was the increase in demand and the booming e-commerce industry. But just as it boosted the chaos, COVID-19 was also the inspiration for new and exciting digital solutions

Digital revolution in the supply chain

Though it has been somewhat of a
late bloomer, the digital revolution in the supply chain
industry is here to stay. From freight booking to the
customs clearance process, warehousing, and last-mile
delivery, the race for the ultimate digital solution is at full speed. Logistics technology companies from all over the world are focused
on building solutions to simplify logistics workflows

The Goal

The goal is simple: Take a daunting manual process and simplify it by
making it digital. For the most part,
companies focus on specific workflows
such as ocean booking or last-mile
delivery. The trick is finding the best
way to bring it to the digital space, as
these tailored solutions must be userfriendly and accessible.

Simple is the name of the game!

It’s no secret that each link in the
supply chain is quite complicated to
operate, let alone invent a digital solution that will work. For that reason,
many players in the industry join forces
to provide customers with end-to-end
solutions that provide transparency and put them in
the driver’s seat. Whether it’s an importer security
filing (ISF), a customs entry summary, or international
freight, simple is the name of the game!

The eezy way to import

eezyimport enables importers to self-file and save time and money throughout the import process – regardless of the type of merchandise being imported.

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