Basic information and the How to

Pinterest is a DIY platform offering two main applications required for import to
the US:

1. ISF (10+2)
2. Customs Entry Summary (7501)
In order to use eezy™ platform, you have to have a U.S. Legal Entity – EIN or SSN, and a valid U.S address.

Our platform will guide you through the process of filing an ISF and Entry, as well as additional functionalities such as:

– Automatic Importer registration with the CBP – Form 5106
– Setting connection with CBP and getting Filer Code in order to be able to file Entry by yourself (Filer Code is not needed for ISF)
– Automatic Manufacturer registration with the CBP, in case the registration is missing
– Single/ annual bond purchasing
You are in the center and fully in charge of the process! No middleman.

The current state of eezyimport

We currently support ISF and Entry filing modules-

– ISF (10+2) filing for only 10$
– Entry Summary for only 35$ via Self filer module (requires a filer code), or 65$ via Broker module
In case you’re importing a formal shipment and don’t have a customs bond we offer you to purchase a Single Customs ISF/ Entry Bond for 45$/ 70$ (respectively) within 48 hours.

By default, you will be getting text and email notifications updated in real-time as they are sent from the CBP and the eezy™ system.

If you have a Filer Code you can start your own Entry summary filing after a quick update of your profile with the ABI Client Representative, otherwise, you can request a Filer Code from CBP port director of your Main port of entry.

Process and Timeline

ISF must be filled to the CBP 24 hours before the vessel leaves the last origin port.

Entry Summary should be filed between 5 days prior to arrival and up to 14 days after the arrival date, though we suggest filing the earliest in order to try and avoid storage fees.

Broker module

Understanding the on-boarding process of our users we launched a broker filing module, allowing our customers who don’t have a filer code or who don’t feel ready to self file, to file their entry and have a broker overview it before it’s submitted to the CBP.

In the Broker module, the customers should insert all the necessary information in their Entry and upload the relevant document. Once finished, the broker will review the filling, classify the goods according to CBP regulation, and only then file it to customs for cargo release.

Payment of the duties/ taxes (if applicable) and for the service will be done via PayPal and in advance.

This module will support our users in the process of becoming independent importers, clearing their own goods.

How to?

Explaining BL handling

The carrier/Freight forwarder must fill his side of data 48 hours previously of the vessel departing from the last foreign port.
The BL the importer uses must match with the Carrier/Freight forwarder filling in order for the ISF to be accepted and approved.

You should fill the lowest BL possible – meaning if you have House BL fill it , if not fill Master.
Another valuable information in your shipment documents is the AMS number. In case the documents state HBL AMS – that should be the number to use for your filing.

The structure of the BL field is – 4 first letters are the SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) and then the BL number.
Also, pay attention you are picking the right type of BL – House or Master.

For Formal shipments- in case you don’t have a bond you can ask to purchase one after you fill out all other details in the ISF.

Requirements for ISF 10+2 fillings

– U.S. Legal Entity
– Bill of lading and Arrival notice
– International classification HTS 6-digit numbers for your products
– Customs Bond needed only for formal shipments above 2500$ or above 250$ for Chinese products (can be purchased through the platform and online)

Required documents for filing an Entry Summary

– Commercial invoice
– Packing list
– Bill of lading or Airway bill
– U.S. 10-digit HTS codes – complete the HTS codes from 6 digits international code to 10 digits USA code.

Requirements for self-filling Entry Summary

eezyimport profile updated with:

– Self-filer code
– ABI representative
– ACH payment unique number
– Continuous bond information
– U.S. Legal Entity
– Ocean or Air entry only
– Customs bond needed only for goods value exceeding 2500$/ 250$ for Chinese goods

If you do not meet the requirements

If you don’t have the Filer Code or did not update your profile to meet the full requirements, you may file your ISF, but you will not be able to process your Entry in the Self Entry module.
In such a case use the broker module for only 65$.
If you are missing PGAs you can also use this service and request PGAs handle for 40$ – 70$ (according to the PGA required).
Each line of HTS over the first 5 lines will add 5$ to the price.
Each additional invoice over the first will add 2$ to the price.

Next steps:

  1. Go to and file the ISF or Entry.
  2. Use our Self Filer request to get properly connected with the CBP and start Entry filing by yourself or use the Broker Entry module!
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eezyimport is an online platform and is not a licensed customs broker. However, we work closely with a third-party licensed customs broker who can assist with any entry-related issues.

eezyimport is an online platform and is not a licensed customs broker. However, we work closely with a third-party licensed customs broker who can assist with any entry-related issues.

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