eezy Freight

eezy Freight

Our LCL service will help you schedule your shipping with minimum cost or worries, all while enjoying the simple and straightforward eezy way!

The EEZY way to manage your global supply chain

Get an immediate quote

Enter your goods details and choose the voyage that fits your needs

Book your freight online

Upload your documents, and book your shipment online

Track your shipments

Use your eezy dashboard to track the status of your shipment

Integrate customs processes

Incorporate your ISF and Entry Summary with your global freight

In need of global freight to the US?

Our knowledge and experience in the logistics industry will help us provide you with competitive rates and top-notch service! We will connect your cargo with leading carriers so that no matter your cargo size, we will ensure it is efficiently consolidated and find space for it without pushing up lead times.

At the moment, the service is available only to US importers.

In need of a supply-chain management platform?
eezy Freight will help you navigate the complex and costly world of shipping. We are here to simplify your processes and accelerate your success!

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