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U.S. importers have the option to release their goods from customs by themselves.
Not many people know that for a while now, US citizens and companies are allowed to file their ISF and Entry Summaries in order to release their goods from customs without the help of a customs broker.
For Entry Summary filling (customs clearing) you will need to obtain a self-filer code from the CBP, in order to file completely on your own.
A filer code is a unique identification number of permitted persons/ companies used to file customs entries.
The Self filer code is obtained by the port director in the port most used by the importer.

1. How to get the Self Filer Code?

In order to obtain the self-filer code and start filling your own entries, a letter of intent must be sent to the relevant Port Director ( the importer’s main port of entry).
Please make sure you meet the requirement before filing. Note that you must be an active importer who’s importing on a regular basis and has a bond (continuous) on file with CBP.


1.Entry Volume: a monthly average for the past 12-month period of 15 entries
2.Entry Value: accept a total entered value during the past 12 months of 1,000,000$ or more
3.ABI Certified

After sending your request you should receive a response from the Port Director within 14 business days.
If no response has been received, you should resend the request and may approach our support as well.
Once your filer code request will be approved, CBP will assign you with a self-filer code combined of 3 digits, and the name of an ABI Client representative that will be assigned for you.
An ABI representative is your go-to guy in the CBP. For instance, you may approach the ABI representative and ask customs questions, get In-bond (Immediate transfer) numbers in order to move your goods from Port of Entry (the arrival point of your goods) to Port of Unlading (the point where your goods are unloaded from the vessel/flight), if needed.
The process of filing for a self filer in eezyimport platform is self-explanatory, and templates of letter of intent are available and will be sent to your email.
Upon receiving the filer code from the Port Director, you should enter the eezyimport Self Filer module and enter the Filer Code.

ABI Profile update and ACH Payment unique number are the next steps in building your profile to self-file your entries and should be updated only after obtaining the self-filer code.

2. ABI Profile

In eezyimport self-explanatory process, you will receive a template letter asking for an ABI profile. Enter ABI Client Representative details you received from ABI.
ABI Profile update defines the importer in CBP systems and will allow the importer to self-clear his entries using ABI Client representative when needed.

3. ACH Payment

PUN is a unique number that should be updated in the user profile for duties and taxes payments.
We are supporting the ACH Debit Daily payment method.
Setting a valid ACH payment unique number in the eezyimport platform will be used to enable you to authorize statements as received from CBP for your Entry Summary files.
After authorized and approved, only the CBP will be able to charge your bank account through the ACH Debit method.
eezyimport is just a pipeline, sending your information to the CBP enabling the user to communicate with the CBP during the process.
Upon completing the onboarding process you will become a complete self-filer importer, able to handle your customs filing by yourself.
Please complete all the Self Filer details to file DIY Self Entry without customs broker.
If you don’t have a Filer Code or haven’t completed the Self Filer module, but have to submit Entry right now, you can use our backup customs broker option until Filer Code is received.

Next steps:

  1. Go to and file the ISF or Entry.
  2. Use our Self Filer request to get properly connected with the CBP and start Entry filing by yourself or use the Broker Entry module immediately!


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eezyimport is an online platform and is not a licensed customs broker. However, we work closely with a third-party licensed customs broker who can assist with any entry-related issues.

eezyimport is an online platform and is not a licensed customs broker. However, we work closely with a third-party licensed customs broker who can assist with any entry-related issues.

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