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ISF - Importer Security Filing (also known as 10+2) is the US Customs Law that requires
importers to file all ocean cargo before the vessel departs for the United States.


The ISF (10+2) form is legally required by US Customs for all ocean cargo before a vessel departs for the United States.


ISF must be filed at least 24 hours before cargo departs for the United States and completed no later than 24 hours prior to its arrival.


While the carrier files some information from their side, US importers must file the ISF to get their ocean cargo cleared from customs.


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Missing deadlines can result in non-compliance penalties that include a $5,000 fine, increased inspections, and cargo delays.

So, what are the ISF components?

The ISF filing is a combination of two parts:
Your ocean carrier files Plan details 48 hours before departure, and you fill out the 10+2 form 24 hours before departure.





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ISF is required for ocean cargo.

The ISF should be filed up to 24 hours before the vessel departs for the United States.

Your shipping documents should contain the information. Also, if you received an ISF form/ instructions sheet from your carrier/freight forwarder – you should be able to file the entire ISF based on it.

The ISF must be filed for the shipment to clear customs. Penalties for non-compliance include a $5,000 fine, increased inspections, and cargo delays.

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