Customs Bond

In need of a bond? No problem!
eezyimport allows you to purchase a single or continuous customs bond during the ISF and Entry Summary filing process.

What is a Customs Bond?

In short, a customs bond is a required CBP regulation that acts as a financial guarantee between customs, an importer, and a surety company to ensure that importers pay customs all import fees, duties & taxes, or other customs activities.

When is a Customs Bond required?

The bond is required when goods value exceeds $2500, or $250 for Chinese goods

Which Customs Bond to choose?

Single Bond

If you are a one-time importer, we recommend using the single bond to clear your shipment. 
The Bond is used per ISF/Entry filing, meaning, you can't use the single ISF bond for the Entry, but will need to purchase a separated bond for it.
The single bond is available for purchase from within the ISF / Entry flow, simply check the purchase option and we'll get cracking on it!

Continuous Annual Bond

For ongoing imports, a continuous bond is most cost-effective.
The bond can be used for all ISF and Entry Summary for a period of 12 months.  

The purchase process takes several business days, and is available from within the ISF / Entry flow, and at anytime from your eezyimport company profile! 

Customs Bond

Single ISF Customs bond


Single Entry Customs bond (Entered value +Duties <= $12,500)

Single Entry bond
(Entered value +Duties <= $12,500)


Each $1,000 bond value over $12,500


Bond value​

- PGA bond

(commercial value × 3)

- non-PGA bond

(commercial value + duties & taxes)

Best value

Continuous (Annual) Customs bond (ISF bond + Entry bond)


• Over $50,000 of Bond value dynamic additional payment will be added.

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