BINA Levels Up: Unveiling Powerful New Features for Importers

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International trade can be a goldmine of opportunity, but its complex regulations feel like a confusing web of red tape. For import/export businesses, the bureaucracy involved in the customs process can be especially daunting. One wrong step in the paperwork mountain can lead to delays, hefty fines, and even confiscated items. For larger enterprises, this can seriously damage their bottom line. For SMBs with limited resources, it can be a financial knockout.

One tricky, yet critical part of this process, is identifying the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code for your goods. HTS codes are the universal language of customs officials developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO), and anyone in the export business needs to be fluent in this dialect (or have a great translator), as they are the global classification system used to categorize products and determine the duty rates that need to be paid. Getting the HTS number wrong leads to disgruntled customs officials who will stop the entire customs process in its tracks, sometimes irredeemably. HTS code lookup appears to be a deceptively minor activity, but it is a task with a lot riding on it.

For businesses without a dedicated customs department, deciphering these codes can be a frustrating and time-consuming exercise. For larger enterprises, it needlessly diverts resources away from more important activities. Knowing that businesses needed a way to access the complex combination of knowledge, experience, and skill to easily and accurately find the right HTS code, without the pain, extra cost, and wasted resources, eezyimport introduced a groundbreaking tool for our clients.

The Borderless Import Navigation AI (BINA) began as a tool to automate the process of finding and assigning the right HTS code. Now, we are proud to announce an upgrade with new features – a catalog tool and integrated fee calculator.

The Difficulty With Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Codes

HTS codes sound simple enough – you find the 6- to 10-digit code that matches your product description, and then use it to calculate the duty rates you’ll pay.

So, what makes HTS codes tricky?

  • There’s A Code for Everything: There are thousands of HTS codes, and they each have highly specific criteria. Let’s say someone is trying to classify a wire necklace with glass beads. Does this fall under glassware (Chapter 70), jewelry (Chapter 90), or even aluminum and related products (Chapter 76)? HTS classification is highly complex and finding the right code for your specific product can be frustrating and time-consuming, and you have no way of knowing if you are right.
  • The Rules Keep Changing: HTS codes are not written in stone. As products, materials, and the market change, the codes are revised and updated. Finding an HTS code is therefore not something you can do once and then never again – you need to keep up to date with all the changes to make sure you have the right code each time.
  • They Take Up Time and Resources: A lot of SMBs don’t have a dedicated customs department, which means they don’t have the research and interpretive skills in-house. And for larger enterprises with a dedicated team, there are many other, more significant things to be doing. The repetitive task of HTS search distracts businesses of all sizes from focusing on real value-add activities.

BINA: The Frustration-Free HTS Code Identification Tool

Last year eezyimport brought you the Borderless Import Navigation Assistant (BINA), the perfect solution to the HTS headache. A ‘personal HTS code assistant’ powered by cutting-edge AI, BINA offers:

  • Free Text to HTS Code: Simply describe your product – its materials, design, and function – in plain English. BINA’s intelligent algorithms, constantly learning and evolving with each interaction, analyze your description and deliver the most likely HTS code for your specific product.
  • Tiered Classification Data: BINA doesn’t just provide a single code. It provides tiered classification data based on your input—the more specific your product description, the higher the certainty of the suggested code. For cases with less certainty, BINA gives you an 8-digit code as a starting point and then asks you targeted questions to gather additional details about your product. By answering these questions, you guide BINA toward identifying the most accurate 10-digit code for your specific import.
  • Machine Learning for Accuracy: BINA isn’t static. It uses machine learning models to continuously improve its algorithms, achieving even more accurate results over time.


Introducing BINA’s Powerful New Features: Convenient Cataloging and a Fee Calculator at Your Fingertips.

Having a tool to help easily identify an accurate HTS code was a game-changer for our clients, but that was just the beginning. Eezyimport brings two new features to BINA that will make navigating import duties even easier:

  • User-Friendly Catalog: Now you can create a personal import database, where all your products and HTS codes can be effortlessly stored and organized. This means you won’t need to keep entering your product information for future imports – all your past shipment information can be easily referenced.
  • Integrated Duty Calculator: Take the guesswork out of working out your duty costs. With the calculator tool, you simply enter the country of origin and value of your goods, and BINA then calculates the exact tariff rates and duties you’ll owe, giving you a clear picture of your landed costs. The database of international tariffs and duty rates is dynamic and always up-to-date, giving you a reliable way to make informed decisions about pricing for your imports.

BINA: Use the New Catalog and Calculator to Supercharge Your Import Journey

Building on all the benefits of having HTS codes at your fingertips, BINA’s new features will streamline your export process even further. Now you can:

Save Time (and Your Sanity!)

If you thought BINA was saving you time by giving you HTS codes, you can look forward to an even more open diary. Not only will BINA help you effortlessly access the information you need to code and cost your products in one place, but you can also save your work and log previous searches, avoiding repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Free up your valuable time to focus on what truly matters – growing your business (and a round of golf).

Take Control of Your Bottom Line

By providing instant transparency into your import fees, BINA gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about pricing and budgeting – without having to rely on estimates or external resources. Creating healthy profit margins for your business is in your hands.

Navigate the Ever-Shifting Landscape

The world of import regulations is a moving target. With new tariffs and duty adjustments popping up all the time, keeping up can be more than just a challenge – it can make the difference between a successful process and one fraught with delays, extra costs, and even penalties. BINA keeps you ahead of the curve by staying ahead of the curve with a constantly updated database.

Become a Master Importer

BINA empowers businesses of all sizes to become their own import expert. You don’t need to rely on costly external resources to understand codes, estimate costs, or stay informed. BINA puts all the information and tools you need at your fingertips, putting you firmly in control.

Join the Import Revolution with EezyImport and BINA

Ditch the import headaches and take control of your business’s bottom line with BINA. Visit our website to test it out and unlock a world of import efficiency.

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eezyimport is an online platform and is not a licensed customs broker. However, we work closely with a third-party licensed customs broker who can assist with any entry-related issues.

eezyimport is an online platform and is not a licensed customs broker. However, we work closely with a third-party licensed customs broker who can assist with any entry-related issues.

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